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Gilsonite powder

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Quality index and technical requirements: drilling liquid plugging anti-collapse agent natural asphalt, also known as ground asphalt or mineral asphalt, is the conversion product of oil.The main components are bituminous tic, resin and colloid.For plugging agent, when the formation temperature is lower than the softening point of asphalt, can be used as bridge plugging material, and when the formation temperature is close to or slightly higher than the softening point of asphalt, can be squeezed into the formation pores or cracks as deformation particles, so as to achieve effective sealing.When the formation temperature is higher than the softening point of asphalt, the plugging effect will be reduced, but it can effectively improve the quality of the filter cake, improve the lubricity of the filter cake, reduce the high temperature and high pressure filter loss of drilling fluid, and prevent the well wall collapse.The main quality indexes are as follows:

Implementation standard: Q / SH1500 0045-2013


Application: In the drilling fluid, fine particles or powder products can be used as high temperature and high pressure filter loss control agent, well wall stabilizer, lubricant, etc.Its additional amount is generally 1%-3%.It is used as adhesive agent and filter loss agent for oil-based drilling fluid.Large particles can be used as particle bridge plugging agent, combined with other materials for bridge plug plugging.If the hard asphalt cement can be prepared to block plugging slurry for plugging operation, the formula is 50kg cement + 25~50L water + 20~90kg asphalt.

Packaging and transportation: this product is packed with lined plastic bags and external moisture-proof brown paper bags.Store in a cool, ventilated and dry place. Anti-explosion and fire prevention in transportation.If the product is blocked, it cannot be used.

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