Shale Inhibitor Modified Asphalt for Drilling Fluids

Upload time:2022/3/17 11:14:10

The product implementation standard: SY / T 5665-95


Use: This product is asphalt shale inhibitor, can control mud shale hydration expansion and dispersion, block formation pores and cracks, prevent the formation collapse, at the same time has better reduce high temperature and high pressure water loss and improve the lubrication of drilling fluid, good compatibility with other treatment agents, can be used for water-based drilling fluid, general amount is 1%~3%.This product can be directly added to drilling fluid, to ensure uniform dispersion, need to control the adding speed.

Packaging, storage and transportation: this product is lined with plastic bag, each bag net mass of 25kg.Store in a cool, ventilated and dry place.Prevent sun exposure and rain in transportation.

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