Water Dispersible Polymer Oxidized Asphalt

Upload time:2022/3/17 10:29:36

Product brief introduction

None of the existing asphalt products used in drilling fluid can cover the well temperature of the whole well.The best use temperature range of each asphalt product is only about 20℃, not within its use temperature range, bitumen basically does not soften and deform, does not form a dense and smooth filter cake, can not play the role of reducing high temperature and high pressure filter loss and anti-collapse.In order to meet the needs of different well temperature and anti-collapse lubrication, we use different softening points of asphalt to make eight specifications of water dispersed polymer emulsion modified asphalt FT series lubricant suitable for different well temperature needs.The minimum service temperature is 80℃, and the maximum service temperature is 260℃.

Product performance indicators


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