Cationic Emulsified Asphalt

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A brief introduction

The cationic emulsified asphalt for drilling fluid produced by Shandong Qingzhou Tianyi Chemical Co., Ltd. is made of modified asphalt and various surfactants and processed by special process.Its micron level positive charge of asphalt particles, easy to adsorb on the negatively charged solid particles, participate in the formation of mud cake, improve the quality of mud cake, micron level cation shale inhibitors can enter the well wall micro cracks, adhesion and aggregation, thus blocking, bridging, swelling, collapse and water loss and protect the oil and gas layer.The Technical requirements are as follows:


2. Suitable range and characteristics

1. This product is suitable for oil and gas development for all well types of water-based drilling fluid system, but not for deep wells.

2. Salt, calcium and magnesium resistance, can be used in fresh water, saline, saturated saline and seawater drilling, well completion solution.

3. Can effectively reduce the water loss.

4. It has good oil and gas layer protection, reduces the peeling and falling of hard and brittle shale, and has good compatibility with other treatment agents.

3. Usage and dosage

It can be directly added to the circulating mud evenly according to the cycle week, and the recommended adding amount is about 2-5% of the circulating mud amount.

4. Notes for use

1. Add directly to the aggravating pump or mud tank, do not pour into the pit.

2. It is normal for the product to store the upper bucket for a long time, by stirring or rolling evenly.

3. The product pays attention to freezing.

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