Modified asphalttells you how to carry out surface construction of asphalt pavement

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Asphalt pavement is a kind of strong structure modified asphalt formed by using asphalt as binder material and connecting mineral aggregates to form surface slope and various root slopes and laying. According to the principle of strength, natural asphalt pavement is divided into sealing method and mosaic method; layering process and mixing according to construction technology; according to technical characteristics, it is divided into asphalt concrete, hot mix and asphalt pavement, emulsified asphalt pavement, asphalt treatment and asphalt mixing. Table 11-3 Note 1. This is a good analogy.

Asphalt fuel

1. Asphalt discussion

Asphalt pavements for highways, highways, cities and highways must be asphalt or modified asphalt that meets the "Technical Requirements for Petroleum Asphalt for a Full Journey"; for other journeys, choose asphalt or modified asphalt that meets the "Technical Requirements for Medium and Light Vehicles"; emulsification The bitumen should meet the requirements of the technical specification for journey emulsified bitumen. This is a good analogy.

stuffing, stuffing

Mainly under 0.075mm powder. Mineral fines must be damaged with hydrophobic rocks such as limestone or a solid matrix in magmatic rocks. It must be clean, monotonous, and able to move freely from the bunker. It is necessary for the quality to meet the standard requirements. This is a good analogy.

3. Mineral aggregates

Coarse and fine fillers should be clean and drab, unaffected by climate and harmful impurities. Even thick aggregates require a certain degree of hardness, strength and excellent particle shape. Fine fillers can be natural sand, machined with sand and crushed stone, and properly classified. The standards and quality of mineral aggregates shall meet the requirements of "Technical Standards for Asphalt Pavement Construction" (JTGF40-2004). This is a good analogy.

4. Fiber

The fiber stabilizer added to the asphalt mixture composition should be lignin fiber, mineral fiber, etc. Its characteristics are necessary to meet modified asphalt the specified requirements. This is a good analogy.

Asphalt engineering

1. Asphalt tank

Bitumen pallets lay bitumen on the ore calendered layer, then place the sealing material, laminate the bitumen bitumen and the road roller, and the bitumen is compacted by piles. Asphalt Pavement Trays are suitable for single harmony secondary lanes, as well as under highway and urban journeys, and also serve as an asphalt binder layer. Machines used for laying asphalt roads include: asphalt pavers, asphalt pavers and road rollers. This is a good analogy.

Laminated paving construction is divided into several processes according to the amount of asphalt and mineral aggregates. In the construction process, the so-called "post-oil" process is generally used, that is, the "post-oil" process. E. Other matters After spraying a layer of asphalt, and then laying a layer of mineral aggregate. layered paving

Bottom layer repair and cleaning → bottom layer or clay asphalt pouring → mineral aggregate bottom layer laying → first push → first layer asphalt pouring → first layer sealing → second road roller → second layer asphalt pouring → third layer asphalt → mineral aggregate filling → After all crunch → pre-service. This is a good analogy.

2. Asphalt pavement

The asphalt surface is treated with bitumen and fine mineral aggregate, and the surface gradient does not exceed 30 mm. Due to the thin processing layer, there is generally no strength effect, mainly to resist wear, improve water resistance, improve flatness, and improve travel conditions. This applies to tertiary and inferior roads, urban spur roads, county roads, road construction journeys at all levels, asphalt or abrasive surfaces on old asphalt pavements. This machine is used for asphalt surface construction, including asphalt spreader, precast spreader and road roller. The construction method can adopt the method of lamination and accumulation. The construction process of an asphalt surface is similar to the laying of an asphalt layer. This is a good analogy.

3. Asphalt hot mix and hot-covered pavement construction

The hot mix asphalt surface is formed by mixing mineral aggregates and asphalt in a hot state. Suitable for all journeys, including asphalt concrete, asphalt mixes and non-slip surfaces. The construction process can be divided into two stages: asphalt mixture mixing and transportation and on-site accumulation.

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