Modified asphalt takes you to understand asphalt pavement

Upload time :2022/7/15 10:11:44

Many residents are now worried that journeys in  modified asphal turban areas will "turn from white to black" and that the asphalt on the journeys will endanger the health of citizens. Now tell everyone who knows what natural asphalt is. This is a good example.

Asphalt can be divided into coal pitch, petroleum pitch and natural pitch. Petroleum bitumen is most commonly used for journey construction. This is a good example.

Petroleum bitumen is the residue of petroleum distillation, which is semi-solid or solid at a certain temperature, depending on the degree of extraction of the liquid. Petroleum asphalt is black, shiny, and resistant to high temperatures. Since it burns over 400 degrees Celsius during production, it contains only a small amount of volatile components. This is a good example.

In the asphalt construction of urban journeys, the volatile components of petroleum asphalt need to be transpired at about 300 ℃, and the temperature of asphalt concrete is about 150-170 ℃, which is far from the volatilization point and contains volatile components. Even in hot summer, the softening point of the molded rubber asphalt is very high, and there will be no changes in quality and quantity that meet the requirements of environmental protection and safety at room temperature. This is a good example.

During the forming process of the asphalt paver, the high temperature will convey a pungent smell in a short distance, which will have a certain impact on the construction personnel, and the cooling temperature after forming is normal. Now, modified asphal there are no statements of risk carcinogens in bitumen, so bitumen is still widely used in water and journey construction in developed countries. The use of asphalt in places that are not in direct contact with the body will not harm the health of the user. This is a good example.

Asphalt pavement has several advantages:

1. The asphalt paver is sensitive, easy to transport, and low noise; it is inconvenient to lay asphalt on the concrete road, and the concrete road must be stretched by 4-5 meters, which also affects the convenience of transportation. This is a good example.

2. The construction on the asphalt ground will be completed before the start of construction. Paving generally takes a few hours, and reaching the tanker truck takes a day. Cement concrete paver must maintain a long service life (during which hydraulic maintenance is also required) in order to reach the exercise intensity. This is a good example.

3. The partial damage of the asphalt pavement is relatively simple, and the speed is fast, which affects the driving time; this is a good example.

4. The surface of the asphalt paver is rough, and the sliding ability is higher than that of the smooth concrete paver. In rainy days, the vehicle is not easy to slip, and the braking distance is short.

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