Modified asphalt tells you what problems should be paid attention to when paving asphalt pavement

Upload time :2022/6/8 16:02:23

When laying asphalt, it is necessary to scoop up modified asphalt the base of the channel to ensure that the surface of the main road is clean, and ponds should not be formed until the formation of the formation. Before laying the oil-bearing layer, it is necessary to pay attention to the orientation of the underlying cracks (glass fiber grating can be laid to reduce the risk of future asphalt cracks).

2- Pay attention to the looseness of the oil in the permeable layer. Other parts of the curb that are in direct contact with the asphalt must spill into the proper direction to prevent water from entering the ground, damaging the ground, and drowning.

3- When laying the asphalt paver, it is necessary to adjust the thickness of the liquid layer. It should not be too thick or too thin. Assuming the bitumen is too thick and difficult to damage, this can lead to quality problems.

4- Asphalt mixing in asphalt tank: Asphalt mixing requires special personnel to control the temperature at the exit of the asphalt station and the mixing ratio with asphalt.

5-Asphalt transportation: The vehicle must be transported with insulation or without adhesive, and coated with asphalt fabric to achieve the effect modified asphalt of asphalt insulation. In order to ensure the smooth operation of the asphalt tank, it is necessary to calculate the vehicle according to the distance between the asphalt station and the road section.

6- Asphalt pallet Asphalt pallet: The asphalt pallet needs to be preheated for 0.5-1 hour, and then maintained below 100 ℃. The paving project must be opened to ensure the operation of the hawker car and distribution car drivers. After 3 to 5 vehicles are stationed, the landfill operation can be opened. During the accumulation process, the non-active layout surface should be compensated in time to prevent unloading.

7 asphalt presses for asphalt laying: steel rollers, tire rollers, etc. It can be used for the sealing of general asphalt concrete. The pressure temperature should not be lower than 70°C, the preloading temperature should not be lower than 135°C; the temperature should not be lower than 90°C and the initial pressure temperature should not be lower for the modified asphalt road roller without busbar. At 150°C, a compressor or a mill roller can be used, provided that a large roller cannot be pressed.

8- Asphalt repair or asphalt tank trial operation: In principle, the asphalt tank will be operated within 24 hours after the laying is completed. Assuming that it is indeed necessary to turn the flow over in advance, irrigation cooling can be used until the temperature drops below 50°C before turning over the flow.If you have any other modified asphalt questions, please contact us for details or contact us directly.


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