Modified asphalt tells you why the colored asphalt road is uneven

Upload time :2022/6/8 15:38:41

The unevenness of the colorful asphalt modified asphalt pavement is due to the fact that part of the soil is scattered and slack under the effect of natural elements such as train work and rainwater, and gradually forms a pit body. Today, several reasons for the heterogeneity of the appearance of colorful asphalt are summarized in a minor collection.

1. The thickness of the pavement is poor, and the regulation of the bottom layer of the pavement is not strict, resulting in a large thickness and tolerance of the single-layer part of the colorful asphalt material, and heavy vehicles are squeezed out of the pit;

2. Bonds are not healthy. Mixing the paving, the bottom surface contains mortar, dust and other materials, so that the underlying colored asphalt material cannot be effectively bonded, the paving is extremely easy to move, and the bearing modified asphalt mass is easily extruded from the tire pit;

water damage. This type of pit is a general pit covered with broken coloured asphalt. The reason is that the surface of the colored asphalt material starts out monotonous, some internal cracks are still mixed with water and soil, and the moisture residue is in the middle layer. When the filler and the colored asphalt material fall, the asphalt and the charge are no longer a whole, the filler works on the bottom of the layer under the effect of gravity, the bottom part falls into the mud, and the mud is directly discharged from the hollow to form mud on the road surface. This method is used to thin the coating, reduce the durability and bearing quality of the coating, and soften the colored asphalt. This cycle continues to form pits, just as some pits melt in water;

4. Oil leakage, such as water damage, damage to the road surface due to diluted solution. During operation, oil droplets left behind on vehicles carrying heavy loads soak into the asphalt to thin the paint material. After the asphalt is diluted, the adhesion decreases, the hardness of the non-ferrous asphalt material decreases, and the track aggregate slackens to form dents.If you have any other questions, please contact us for modified asphalt details or contact us directly.


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