Modified asphalt tells you the production method of petroleum asphalt

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The primary components of bitumen are: oil modified asphalt fraction, resin and bitumen, bitumen, black and glossy, with high thermal sensitivity. The production method of petroleum asphalt is as follows:

(1) Distillation: Atmospheric pressure petroleum distillation separates the light fractions of gasoline, kerosene and diesel oil, and then conducts pressure distillation by vacuum distillation (the remaining pressure is 10 to 100 mm). and the resulting asphalt is called direct distillate, which is the main production method of natural asphalt for automobiles.

(2) Solvent stacking: Non-polar low-molecular-weight alkyl solvents have different solubility for different components of vacuum residue, and the use of solubility differences can complete the separation of components, so the bad performance of asphalt can be removed from vacuum residue. Produces bitumen products that meet the standard requirements of E. educational solvent accumulation.

Oxidation: vacuum residue or tar pitch is inhaled at a certain temperature to change its composition and function, and the resulting modified asphalt product is called oxidized pitch. The vacuum residue is blown into the air at high temperature to form transpiration, and a series of dehydrogenation, oxidation, polymerization and condensation reactions occur at the same time. This is a very complex generalized reaction process, interacting between different components, not only during oxidation, and is generally referred to as the oxidation and oxidation of bitumen, also known as air-blown and air-blown bitumen processes.

(4) Legality standard: The legal production of standard asphalt refers to the rework of the four components that constitute asphalt in the same crude oil according to the share required by the quality, and the resulting product is called component asphalt or modified asphalt. With the opening of skills, the sources of usability have also increased. For example, residues or components that can be processed from one or two parts of the same or another petroleum and different industrial waste oils can be considered as the composition of compounds, thus reducing the reliance on petroleum source selection in asphalt production .

(5) Emulsification method: The surface tension of asphalt and water is very different, and they are not mixed at temperature or temperature. However, when the asphalt undergoes mechanical effects such as high-speed centrifugation, shearing, impact, etc., making it into particles of 0.1-5 microns and slackening into an aqueous medium containing surface active agents, the emulsifier can be directionally adsorbed on the surface of the asphalt particles. Then the surface stress of the water and asphalt is lowered, so that the asphalt particles can form a stable idle system in the water, ie. E. Educational lotion coated with water. Such a slack system has a brownish color of tea leaves, a slack phase of asphalt, and a continuous phase of water, which has excellent fluidity at normal temperatures.If you have any other modified asphalt questions, please contact us for details or contact us directly.


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