Modified asphalt teaches you the correct use of penetration

Upload time :2022/5/19 16:05:31

Foaming is an unfamiliar term to many, a modified asphalt needle is actually a canonical cone dipped into a smooth model depth of 25 degrees Celsius in 5 seconds. In addition to foaming, there are viscosity classification systems and PG classification systems to evaluate natural asphalt. Asphalt began to use natural asphalt in the early classical period 1,200 years ago, and natural asphalt has been widely used. Will the natural asphalt company teach you how to use the asphalt quality test needle?

Acupuncture is one of the quality policies for No. 90 asphalt. Under a load of 100 grams at 25 degrees Celsius and 5 seconds, the specification will use a 10 mm needle to penetrate the asphalt sample vertically to the depth. It shows that the coagulation consistency level and anti-cracking shear ability of asphalt reflect the certain viscosity of asphalt under certain conditions.

Will the natural bitumen section teach you modified asphalt how to use the bitumen quality test needle? The basic principle of acupuncture grading system is to understand the pulling, weaving and falling, combined with the maintenance purpose of asphalt, flash point, purity and target solubility of natural asphalt, anti-aging performance of tar, test of coating furnace, and consumption and target of asphalt. related to the content of white wax, etc. The asphalt needle grading system is based on the foaming amount of asphalt to confirm whether it meets the climatic environment and load.

The bigger the needle is, the 70-gauge asphalt is bigger than the 70.90-gauge bitumen needle, that is, the climate and the number selection are inconsistent. The larger the north, low and south needles, the more the needle outlines the soft curing point of the asphalt. The low temperature function increases with the temperature of the needle and Increase performance and vice versa. The tar needle number is 7060-80, the tar needle number is 9080-100, the needle temperature difference is large, and the high temperature function is good.If you have any other questions, please contact us for modified asphalt details or contact us directly.


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