Introduction of high-temperature resistant modified asphalt products for drilling fluid

Upload time :2022/3/16 22:12:32

Implementation standard: Q / SH1020.2315- -2015




Free liquid powder in black or brown



Volatility %


Water soluble content %


Oil soluble content %


Relative expansion %


HTHP filter loss reduction rate (150℃/3.5Mpa) %


Organic chlorine content %


Product performance and quality indicators:

1. The product has good water dispersion, no coalescent and floating phenomenon.

2. Good shale inhibition.

3. It has good blocking effect and combination with other blocking agents can improve its plugging effect.

4. Good thermal stability, which can be used to prepare high-temperature deep well drilling fluid and well completion fluid.

5. Good salt resistance and calcium resistance, which can be used for fresh water brine and saturated salt water drilling and completion solution.

6. Good compatibility with other treatment agents, which can be directly added to other drilling fluids.The recommended usage quantity is: 1%~3%.

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